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Blackstock Family {Mom & Children} #5: "Being a good human matters. The most beautiful thing is to see our kids be kind to each other"

Welcome to the 5th Blackstock
{ Kelly, Brandon, Savannah, Seth, River, & Remington }
Family Appreciation Thread

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Future Titles
"We try to remind them of the important things. That's hard to teach."
"My husband and I are really blunt with our kids, and I'm like 'Pretty fades, character lasts'. Being a good human matters."
"River's very ballsy, which is awesome. Remy is our sensitive soul, but he's also like the Tasmanian devil; he destroys things."
"When she's not feeling brave, my daughter goes 'I'm not Wonder Woman' and I say, 'You are Wonder Woman' and she's like, 'I River'.

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op: room to breathe
I feel freedom where I stand now and I feel proud of who I am now.
I learned a lot along the way, I love the woman that I became

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